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Welcome to spn_crackfic where we aim to combat the overwhelming amount of angst and dark fic in our fandom
(that would be Supernatural by the way [on the CW in the US, or itv in the UK - check it out if you stumbled here by accident]) by writing the most bizarre, crazy and humorous things we possibly can.

So here is a haven, an area where you can go when you want to be uplifted by brotherly banter or chuckle at the inanities of Dean trying to catch pixies or meeting the Tellytubbies and killing them, driven mad by their names and inane repetition of useless phrases. You may wish to answer the important questions of the Universe such as - Just how did that Nair incident happen? How did Sam get his own back? What happens when John discovers the monster he is currently chasing is actually a kid in a halloween mask or when the Winchester boys meet the characters from Scooby Doo?

There is no story too bizarre, no concept too unbelievable not to be housed here. Whatever you want to write/draw we welcome you all.

However, despite all that, for the purposes of peace of mind and to make sure the chaos does not destroy our minds more than they already are, there are a few rules, a couple of minor guidelines to help this all go nice and smoothly.

The Rules

  1. We allow Wincest but please, as I am sure you all do, LABEL it... both with Wincest and the appropriate pairing.
  2. All fanfiction/fanart should be rated: traditionally (the G-NC-17 ratings, any others should be explained) and LJ rating system (Adult Concepts and Explicit Adult Concept)
  3. Every post rated as NC-17 should be f-locked.
  4. Spoiler warnings are wonderful things, and, in keeping with that, please keep anything spoilerific out of your summary or lj-cut (or fake lj-cut). There is nothing worse than trying very very hard not to be spoilt then accidentally reading the link on a fic which tells you everything you really didn't want to know. - This is not so important at the moment, because most people have seen most of the first two series, but after the third series starts in the US this one will be very important.
  5. Although I doubt I need to say this, please be polite to each other. Constructive criticism is welcome, flames etc. are not.

    The management reserves the right to eject any crackficcer who ignores these rules.

    Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way:

    Thank you for joining/taking the time to read this information

    Sit back and enjoy the crackfic! (or Art, as we are an equal opportunities community and we sometimes like to look at the pretty people as well as just read about them)

    OR you could even write/draw some... go on, give it a try.

    Our challenges

    Hunt Challenge (to hunt the crack down) here

    Challenge 1: REVERSAL Challenge (turn an angsty moment cracky) here

    Challenge 2: The PHOBIA Challenge (Just what is John Winchester afraid of?) here

    Challenge 3: OUT OF TIME Challenge (Winchesters in totally different times) here

    Challenge 4: Baby, we are CIVILIANS Challenge (Winchesters in AU) here



    List of the fics/art

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    Contact, suggestions, questions?

    You can contact us at spn.crackfic@gmail.com or marianaoconnor.keeper@gmail.com